With over twenty years of experience, Paula has been repairing chairs for happy customers. Some of the styles of chairs she has experience with are shown below.

Traditional Hand Woven Caning

These seats have holes around the edge where the cane is woven in a seven step process resulting in a tight, sturdy weave as shown in the photo to the right. Different size cane is used depending on the size and spacing of the holes.

Care for caned seats: Don't kneel or stand on the seat! Treat the cane with boiled linseed oil about once a year, especially on the bottom, as this is where the oil is best absorbed. Exposure to the sun will dry the cane. It is natural for the cane to deepen in color as it ages.



Pressed Caning

These seats have a grove around the edge where a pre-woven caning is pressed and glued in place with a binder. The pre-woven cane comes in various sizes and widths for the appropriate application.

Care of the pressed seat: As with the traditional woven seat above, do not kneel or stand on the seat. Treating with boiled linseed oil on a yearly basis will prolong the life of the cane.

French or Blind Weave Caning

These chairs are a hand woven work as in the traditional seven step weave above. However the holes in the chair do not go all the way through the wood resulting in the "blind" weave. The seven step process takes a little longer as it is required that each hole be pegged as the work progresses.

Care of the cane is the same as for a traditional woven seat or pressed seat. Treating with boiled linseed oil once a year will prolong the life of the material.


Porch Chairs

Using a wide binding cane porch rockers use this traditional type weave.

Care for the wide binding cane is as for other woven cane, however, since the cane has only the smooth face exposed, the linseed oil does not absorb as well. The cane will still benefit from boiled linseed oil application.

Fiber Rush, Flat Reed, Ash Splint, Wide Binding Cane, Shaker Tape

Chairs or stool with unfinished rails have a number of options. Fiber rush, flat reed, wide binding cane, ash splint or Shaker Tape can be applied in various patterns. These materials come in a number of widths to suit the size of the project.

Flat reed, wide binding cane or ash splint should have a yearly application of boiled linseed oil.

Fiber rush has an initial application of urethane. This can be re-applied as needed.



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